About Us

Hey, I'm Jen. SkullDaze is a small family run operation that started in 2017. It is me and whichever family member or friend I can rope into helping me. I source merchandise from over 200 suppliers to bring you the coolest and most relevant fashions and oddities.

SkullDaze is just a labor of love or maybe it is vengeance and rebellion. I was a bored empty nester. I was raised very Christian. I had strict parents that wouldn't let me hang things on my walls. My children were growing up and ready to leave home to start their own lives. I lost my OG 2010 bitcoin wallet. I got a divorce. I ended up homeless. I was bummed.

I have always liked dark imagery and skull fashions. I decided, it is now or never. I have an Auto-immune condition called Lupus, as well as a few other tag along syndromes that go along with it. I discovered natural remedies like Cannabis and Ancient Ayurveda and as a result, have already surpassed my expiration date.

 I figured, I may as well express my own style and create a life, a wardrobe and a space that I love and enjoy. Even in my Mid 40's. Who knows, I might just live. 

I began searching the internet's biggest suppliers for obscure and interesting things to surround myself with. I kept seeing things that I thought would be perfect for someone I knew. I couldn't just buy everything I saw for everyone I knew of. I needed a place to show them off

As I was looking for really unique items, I was also finding that I really liked some things that were only available for sale to businesses or they had a minimum order of 50 units. I wanted the stuff so I started a business. It has exploded to a catalog of over 2000 products, several hundred of which, were designed by me exclusively for the SkullDaze Brand. 

I have very few things on hand and in stock, everything else is shipped directly to the customer from the maker.  This cuts down on overhead costs, wasteful over ordering and double shipping. It is more environmentally friendly to ship items out individually as they are ordered than to warehouse 100s of items and package them up in fancy boxes. I spent a year researching manufacturers and suppliers and trying out products. 

I have suppliers in Asia, France, UK and USA with more to come

This store proudly operates on the Shopify platform. I chose Shopify because I have worked with them as a partner since they began and trust that the platform can handle a store like mine. I know that there are other choices when it comes to starting a business online but, for me, Shopify was the most reliable choice. 

If you have something that you are as passionate about as I am about everything black and white and skull encrusted, then maybe opening your own Shopify store would be a fun hobby. 


Welcome to my Mid Life CRISIS- enjoy the show 

an actual representation of my inner child trying to come out