How to Wear a Petticoat in 2020 and Beyond

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 Hey there SkullDazers (said no one ever)

Some of the dresses we carry in our SkullDaze store require an underskirt, a liner or a petticoat to add curves to the design or make the dress not see through. Many of these dresses are made with very thin fabric on purpose so that you can add layering, shapers and padding at will. 

We have a huge selection of Skull Dresses with amazingly cool patterns and many more to come. Some of these styles just need the lift that only a petticoat can give.

Since many of our customers were asking for a more flared look, I decided to take a minute to introduce the SkullDazed nation to the humble petticoat. One of the fashion worlds not so dirty little secrets 

What is a Petticoat?

A petticoat, in modern times, generally refers to an underskirt or dress slip. In past decades, a petticoat was any fitted garment worn under clothing and close to the body. It was used as a barrier between garments to keep clothing from touching the body and getting gross and smelly. 

Nowadays, we use them more for fun and fashion than real function 

For our purposes today, we will refer to all underskirt liners as petticoats.

What is the point of a petticoat 

A petticoat adds form, flare and flair to a dress or skirt. It adds shape to the dress and makes it look more flattering on the body 

 Are all petticoats the same? 


Currently, there a many popular styles of petticoat. The most popular are as follows: 

a tutu or flower girl petticoat is short and poufy 

a hoop skirt has hula hoop type "boning" made of lightweight plastic tubes or strips that encircle the skirt 

A mermaid petticoat is a full length slip. It is fitted at the top and flares incrementally and then dramatically at the ankles. 

A bustle only covers the hip area to add serious curves 

A tulle or netted petticoat is made of a mesh type material that is strategically layered to add a flattering shape. It can be tutu length or floor length 

Is a crinoline a petticoat

Technically, they are the same thing 

 Who can wear a Petticoat ?

A petticoat is just another layer of underwear that adds a little flair. - SkullDaze Jen

Anyone can wear them. 

Can I wear it with a Saree

In India, a Saree or Lahenga, the skirts worn by Indian Women, are traditionally worn with a type of petticoat which is more like a long A line Slip. Usually a Saree Slip is made of silk or satin and does not pouf or flare out except at the ankles. It  gives a very flattering, slimming and flowy look to a traditional Sari.  

The skirt-like design makes it is very easy to wear, making you look slimmer and toned. One has to simply slip into it and voila, feel the magic work. This the easiest trick to looking slim in a saree. Clovia


How do you style a Petticoat to be more modern?

Simply pick a dress, skirt or long tee and slip the petticoat on underneath

The Petticoat length is up to you and your fashion sense

A long tee shirt paired with a petticoat that is a few inches longer gives an edgy look to a boring tee shirt dress. Just add boots, tights and a bag or high top canvas shoes and slouchy socks with a fitted back pack 

It is up to you whether you want your petticoat to be an inch or two shorter than your dress or an inch or two longer than your dress

I love a show off so, I always let it hang out 

You can even put a petticoat and a belt on over a dress or tee like the customer pictured below (this outfit is currently out of stock and the petticoat was made see through on purpose)

customer photo

Can a Petticoat give me the cupcake look? 

There are many styles that can benefit from the use of a petticoat. If you like a Kawaii, Lolita or Decora look like the fashions in Harajuku, you may need to layer a few skirt liners in order to achieve the look and stay comfortable.

The three layer method I like to use is

1 I like to wear a soft flatter petticoat like a satin slip to protect my tights and legs from scratches from the tulle. If you are a chubbier person, like me, add a body shaper to keep everything in place 

2 then add the drama portion of the outfit with a poufy, stiff,  layered tulle or hoop skirt. This is the rough, itchy part. You want this sandwiched in between the two more satiny petticoats 

3 Finally, the petticoat sandwich is topped with another flat petticoat to keep the dress from following the lines of your hoop skirt or the layers of your tulle skirt and to prevent the dress from sounding too noisy. You want a slight ruffle as you walk not the sound of sandpaper on plastic.

If you want to see the edge of the ruffle under your dress, make sure one of your layers that you want to have showing is at least an inch longer than the other layers 

Layering any style of petticoat will give a more structured look

To get that 50's retro style, a single Petticoat is very cute but adding a brightly colored petticoat to a simple black or monochrome patterned dress looks really cool right now. 

Can you wash a Petticoat?

You shouldn't need to wash it often, especially if you layer them. Just air them out between uses and use a garment steamer to lightly dewrinkle your slip

If you do need to wash it, this is how I do it 

Handwash in gentle detergent by swooshing it around in the bathtub,

Rinse well, do not crunch, twist, squeeze or wring the fabric out.

Let it drip into the tub then  shake it gently

Hang using clothes pins or clamp hangers to line dry

For more in depth care instructions and rules for storage, please refer to our friends at Inspired Insanity 

Shop Petticoats on SkullDaze 

We offer a very small selection of petticoats and slips that are handsewn overseas and shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. We aren't a lingerie shop, we focus on skulls. Our dresses needed the liners so we found some that are adequate. We don't have them in USA stock since they are an optional purchase.

If you need it to arrive more quickly, here are some recommendations 

Buy Petticoats on Amazon  

Get it on Ebay 


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