How to Measure Your Feet and Find Your Shoe Size By Yourself

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Finding your right shoe size without a shoe store measuring device is not as difficult as you may think

Measuring your feet is the only way to choose your correct shoe size

You can easily measure your own feet 

You will Need 

A sheet of paper 

A pencil

A Ruler 

Your socked feet

A hard surface 

Step 1: Find a hard surface near a wall, like in your kitchen or bathroom

Step 2:Tape a piece of paper to the floor. Be sure the paper is touching the wall 

Step 3: Stand on the paper with your back to the wall and place your heels  touching the wall

Step 4: Draw a line to mark the longest part of your foot on the paper.

It is easier to have a friend mark the line for you but, as long as you keep your heel lightly touching the edge of the paper, you can do it alone This will give you the length of your foot from the wall (heel) to the longest part of your toes on the paper..

Repeat with the other foot, as the right and left sizes may be different; You will need to order the bigger of the two sizes. 

Step 5 Measure the length from the wall end of the paper to the mark you made with a ruler 

Use the chart below to convert your size 

If you have wide feet, please go up one size







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