Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Skull Lovers

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Amazon is gearing up for a huge rush of online sales this year due to Social Distancing.

Since you are already going to be there from Prime Day to Black Friday, you should go ahead and pick up an ugly Christmas Sweater or two to get you through the Holiday Season. With the way shipping is going in 2020, you better order early to ensure delivery by the holidays 


My personal Favorite is this cute little Classic

The candy cane crossbones are everything and the cute striped arms are amazing. The graphic on this sweater is fun and sweet while still looking a little edgy 



See it Here 


This Sweater is perfect for Christmas Dinner with Mom and Dad

This black sweater with red trim is a bit more fierce and creepy. Show the friends and family that you are ready to get festive 


Check it out Here

Where I'm from in Texas, it is sometimes too hot to wear a sweater so, we opt for an ugly Christmas Tee 

The smiling skull face on this ugly christmas T-shirt is the perfect way to say celebrate in a warm climate


Get more info here


If you don't like the way a sweater feels up against your skin, the Christmas Sweatshirt may be for you 

The sweatshirt has a sweater like print on a soft fleece top. The posing skelton just sets the look apart from other christmas themed sweat shirts


Shop Swaet shirts Here 



Other Fun Choices - Exclusively on Amazon 


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